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Webinar series on HealthTech market opportunities

Date and time

Tuesday 20. October 2020 at 11:00 to Monday 26. October 2020 at 17:00

Registration Deadline

Monday 19. October 2020 at 12:00


Online Webinar, Asiatisk Plads, 1448 København Online Webinar
Asiatisk Plads
1448 København

Webinar series on HealthTech market opportunities

Online seminars on healthtech market opportunities

Do you have an innovative healthtech solution with scaling potential? And are you ready to conquer the world? - The Trade Council, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, Healthcare DENMARK and Copenhagen Business Hub invites you to join an online seminar series on healthtech, where you can gain unique and current insights from three attractive healthtech markets.
Health & Tech advisors from Danish representations in Toronto, Dubai, and Oslo will give an update on the current market opportunities, the procurement process, and the regulatory framework in their respective markets. From there you have the opportunity to take part in a facilitated learning process with individual sparring with an internationalization advisor, and an optional virtual or physical market visit to one of the markets.

Phase 1 – Online seminar series
The three online seminars will focus on healthtech, and cover opportunities within telemedicine, logistics, data-sharing, patient journals, and virtual hospitals with an unique case on the respective markets:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Online Seminar, October 20th, 2020, 11.00-12:30
The Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General in Dubai, will give you an understanding of the regulatory environment and key trends in the healthtech market.

The Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Tech & Health advisors will introduce the market access process in the UAE including public affairs and risk mitigation. By participating you will get a good understanding of enablers to achieve a successful market entry, and how The Trade Council can fast track the process.

As a Danish vendor you will also get a short introduction to how you can tap into large scale public private partnerships like National Unified Medical Record (NUMR), Health Information Exchange Malaffi (MENA’s largest HIE, Abu Dhabi Emirate) and Riayati Digital Health platform in Dubai.

Toronto, Canada: Online seminar, October 22nd, 2020, 15.00-17.00 PM
Sector experts from the Danish Consulate General in Toronto will present you with insights and a dive into the Canadian healthtech landscape. During the seminar, you will gain knowledge of the healthtech market in Canada, understand what is relevant to know before launching market entry and finally you will learn about potential opportunities.

We will explore previous Danish cases – what worked, what did not work - and with help from a Canadian healthtech expert, you will get first-hand knowledge relevant for your expansion.

Oslo, Norway: Online Seminar, October 26th, 2020, 10.00-12.00 AM
The seminar, hosted by the Embassy in Oslo, will present concrete healthtech market opportunities as well as provide you with an overview of the current market trends and export openings in Norway.

The tech and health advisors will, together with Norwegian digital health authorities, elaborate on the project ‘Akson’ - a joint municipal journal and comprehensive collaboration platform for municipalities – and how Akson may be a business opportunity for your company to enter the Norwegian market with competitive healthtech solutions.

For detailed programmes, please go to: https://thetradecouncil.dk/arrangementer/online-seminar-series-on-healthtech-market-opportunities

Phase 2 - Individual sparring session
After having been introduced to three growth markets for Danish healthtech solutions, the second phase covers a 1:1 sparring with internationalization advisors from the Copenhagen Business Hub, where you will cover potential opportunities and challenges and determine what market is suitable for your company. The opportunities in the three markets are evaluated and if there is a match, your company will be offered a free 25-hour program that maps your company's business model, assesses the market-specific opportunities and potential market approaches.

Phase 3 - Market visit (Optional)
In this third phase, an optional market visit can be organized as a virtual or physical meeting program with the market where the best match and opportunities are found. The market visit will cover a program introducing you to key stakeholders, clients, and potential partners in the chosen market.

Our Ambition
Our ambition with the program is to help your healthtech company scale your business opportunities on the most relevant market through a targeted three-phase approach. After having completed the first phase, you can choose to pursue the market opportunities with us through the second phase, and after the 25-hour program decide if you are ready for a market visit.

After these three phases, you will have a clear strategy for your company for entering the new market and have established key contacts, which should ensure a good start for future business.

The event is open to all Danish healthtech companies.

Organizer Contact Information

Udenrigsministeriet / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark


Organizer Contact Information

Udenrigsministeriet / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark